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Experienced. Certified. Supportive.

I quit drinking after many failed attempts at moderation. I knew for years that I had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, but I didn’t want to do anything about it. Quitting felt too hard and too permanent, and I didn't understand why I couldn't just drink like a "normal person." I didn't want to address my problem, I wanted to have never had the problem to begin with. Part of what kept me from getting help sooner was I had life accomplishments I could point to that made me look good on paper; I was good at my job. I was married. I owned multiple homes. It looked like I had it together, but internally I was an anxious mess. My drinking kicked into another gear when my father got sick and passed away from cancer. I experienced overwhelming grief and I didn't know how to manage it without drinking.

After the darkest two years of my life, I’d finally had enough and decided to white knuckle through a month of sobriety. At the end of that month, I needed more support in order to remain sober. None of the traditional programs worked for me, so after lots of googling, I found recovery coach, Cori Lyon. I credit her coaching with not only helping me stay sober, but with supporting me in building a life I love and am no longer escaping from. 

The main common denominator in sober folks is that our lives are now objectively happier and more fulfilling than they were when we were drinking. It’s not easy, but it is simple. You get help and put in the work, and your life will be wildly different from where it is now. I’m not here to tell you that sobriety is a magic elixir for all life’s ills. It’s not. Life is life and there will always be things you don’t like about yourself, goals you haven’t reached yet, stressful moments, grief, etc. The difference is when life gets complicated, you'll be able to manage it without annihilating yourself with alcohol. The difference is you'll have control over yourself and you'll get rid of the shame and you'll be better able to manage the anxiety. The difference is you won't be sabotaging yourself anymore. Your relationships, emotions, and career will flourish in a whole new and meaningful way.

For the last year, I've trained to become a certified recovery coach through the International Association of Professional Recovery Coaches (IAPRC) and the SHE RECOVERS® Coach Designation (SRCD) Program. 

I want to work with you to craft a plan that makes sense for you, moves you forward toward the life you want, and frees you from the cycle of addiction. You are so much closer to having the life you want than you think. All you need to do is reach out and ask for support.

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